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Help for Ajtan

Ajtan Alimardanli was born on 28 of March 1993 in Azerbaijan. Today she is 19 years old and for the second time suffering from leukemia. The family cannot afford the treatment and her home state of Azerbaijan refuses further assistance.
With 17 years Ajtan get ill with leukemia. Azerbaijan has limited a clinical treatment option, that is why she was treaded in the "Belarusian Research Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology" of Borovljany.
In a period of two years and two months, the cancer was successfully controlled, so that her treatment could be completed in June 2012.
Seven months later, the illness reappeared. Currently, the family is back in the Belarusian clinic, but they don’t have money to pay the treatment for her daughter.
Ajtan has already received special, very expensive medications against recurrence.
For further treatment four units of chemotherapy are necessary. This treatment will cost 60,000 to 70,000 U.S. dollars (about 45,000 to 50,000 ).
After this treatment, it can be decided if it is possible to perform a bone marrow transplant.
Because Ajtan has two sisters, there is a possibility that one of them is a suitable donor, so that only the operation and treatment costs of $ 90,000 must be paid. If none of the sisters is a suitable donor, surgery and treatment cost $ 110,000.
In the case of the Requirement of a treatment longer than 4 month after the bone marrow transplant, incur further costs.

For one family, it is impossible to get such a huge amount of much money in such a short time - for Ajtans family it would mean that they have to run into dept.
But when many people are found to make a small contribution, then Ajtan gets a chance of a carefree life.

Ajtan Alimardanli with her parents in the hospital for children with cancer in Belarus.

With pain in my heart I turn to you, my Friends!
With pain, because my daughter Alimardanli Ajtan, 19 years old, is suffering from leukemia for the second time. The first treatment went from April 2010 to June 2012 and was very successful. Unfortunately she got again leukemia in the January of 2013.
Once again, our family has to face this terrible fate. We are a simple working-class family, so we cannot pay the costs of the second treatment. I hope for the love in your hearts.
Alimardanov Tarlan
(father of Alimardanli)
Account data of the clinic:(to donate please contact your bank with the following information)
                                               (Date of cash transfer)
for the medical treatment of Ajtan Alimardanli
Payer: (Name or Name of the donating Organization)
Payment amount: (Amount and currency)

Cash transfer in Euro:
Correspondent bank: acc. 949811410
                                   Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main
                                   SWIFT DEUT DE FF
                                   National ID: BLZ: 50070010
Correspondent bank: acc. 18071205
                                   American Express Bank GmbH, Frankfurt am Main
                                   SWIFT AEIB DE FX
                                   National ID: BLZ: 51230500
 Bank-beneficiary:      Joint- Stock Saving Bank Belarusbank
                                    SWIFT AKBBBY2X Belarus
Recipient:                   acc.36329000011065
                                   National Scientific and Practical Center of Children’s Oncology,    Hematology and Immunology Republic of Belarus

Cash transfer in Dollar:
Correspondent bank: acc. 04095692
                                   Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
                                   SWIFT BKTRUS33 New York USA
 Bank-beneficiary:      Joint-Stock Saving Bank Belarusbank
                                    SWIFT AKBBBY2X Belarus
Recipient:                   acc.362900001065
                                    National Scientific and Practical Center of Children’s Oncology,    Hematology and Immunology Republic of Belarus
St. Frunzenskay 43, v. Borovljany, Minsk region, 223053, Belarus
UNN 600395123
OKPO 288793186000
Account: 3632900002484
JSC “JSSB Belarusbank”, branch 795

220089, Belarus, Minsk, prospect Dzerzhinskogo, 18
OKPO 37387991
BIK 153001795
Chief Accountant                                                      Padbyarezski Z.

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